This is it. The latest release on a long tradition of fixing bugs on ye olde Cicloid.

Now proud to present the 3.0 release update; while at the same time, starting my foray into writting in english. It may be difficult, plagued with a lot of grammar errors. Some of them even on elementary level english. But I need to start writing and stop worriying less about what others may think.

It has been a long time since I last blogged and to some extent, it feels almost like a new experience.

But I know, that kids nowadays expect more quick witted content so I’ll try once again with the linklog format for the most part and whenever I feel like telling more I may write in long form.

Remember kids, long form because the idea may need the space to breath. Otherwise, expect some quick comments on some interesting links.

In the best of scenarios. You may like my form and style.

But either way I’m expecting mails…